Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hey there, everybody!  I don't know about where you are, but it has been a GORGEOUS week in the STL.  If you're the nature-y type, it's the perfect time to be out in it.  I just spent the weekend down in Ellington, MO.  It was beautiful during the day, then cold and clear at night-- just right for a hayride and bonfire!

Speaking of nature and outdoorsy things, today's challenge at 365 Cards is to create a card with a rustic theme.  As we all know, "rustic" comes from the Latin "rus," meaning "country, farm, or land" and "stic[k]" meaning... a piece of a tree. Lol. Just kidding...mostly.

But obviously, I had to go outside and get some sticks!

I found some really small, thin twigs and cut them into two-inch pieces.  Then I hot glued those together and tied on a piece of cord.  I cut the leaf with my Cricut, then sponged on a couple of colors.  Assemble all the pieces and voila!

I thought this turned out really pretty.  It's simple, but different and has a lot of great texture.   In fact, I think I have a couple more variations I'd like to try.