Friday, February 27, 2009

Second Batch

As promised, here I am posting at some ridiculous hour in the morning. I have to work in the morning, so I really should be sleeping. Oh well.

I finished up the thank you cards. (Finally!) There are some more ladybugs and flowers-- can't go wrong with those, right? Nothing too crazy going on with these cards, so I'll just get right to the pictures:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Many, Many Thanks

I guess it's a sign of a blessed person when one has an occasion to write 27 thank you notes. My mom asked me, this morning, to make some thank you cards for her. So that's what I've been working on for the last several hours. Thirteen down, fourteen to go.

First, I experimented with kraft paper again. I really like the ink-on-paper look. Then I tried a variation on a theme.

Next, I made several cards with pieces from a set of paper by Amy Butler. I LOVE this paper. It has such a cool texture. It feels more like fabric than paper.

The last one I made (so far) was the lady bug. I love making ladybugs. They're just so easy to make, and they're SUPER cute. Haha. I'll probably make some more cards tonight. Hopefully I'll get to post those either during the wee hours of the morning, or tomorrow afternoon. Check back for those!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Caardvarks Kraft Paper Challenge

Here is a card I created for Caardvarks' challenge to use kraft paper. I don't usually use kraft paper, so this was a bit of a stretch for me.

I like to use bright colors, but I didn't care for the look of the colored cardstock against the brown paper. So I smeared black, red and green ink pads directly on the paper and cut my pieces from that. I like the end result.

I'd love to get some feedback on this!

Materials: kraft paper; Crimson and Emerald Green (Rubber Stampede), rubber stamp (Inkadinkado)

Tools: sm. circle punch, sm. swirl punch, 1/8" hole punch, scalloped scissors


Today I thought I'd share one of the projects I worked on yesterday. I figured out a new way to make a bird out of circle punches! I think it turned out SO cute :-)

For this bird I used a 1/2" circle punch, with a point from the 1/2" star for the beak. I just used a black pen for the eyes and legs. Here's how I did it:

I haven't decided yet what to work on today. I'll post again tomorrow, hopefully!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Musical Thank You Card

Gina Marie told me she needed "help" coming up with a thank you card for one of the gentlemen on the band at church. Guy cards are always a little challenging. This is what we came up with:

A quick copy of some complicated Mussorgsky sheet music and "Voila!" a lovely patterned paper for the background. Gina is a big fan of inked edges, so you'll see evidence of that. We matted the "Thank You" stamp with dark red and black. You can go wrong with that color combination-- it's so elegant looking.

It was looking a little boring, though, so we added a strip of red and two silver brads. The circles around the brads were punched from "inking practice" on some scrap paper. It's not exactly my usual style, but I like the finished product. A successful collaboration between me and Gina Marie is always something to be happy about. Haha!

Friday, February 20, 2009

For My Momma

This year I'm finding the needle of my bank-o-meter to be hovering a little closer to "E" than I'd like. I very much enjoy giving gifts, but lately it's getting a little harder to be able to go out and buy that shiny, diamond crested whatchamacallit you wanted :-) Thankfully, I find that most of my friends and family appreciate the thoughtfulness and personality of a handmade gift.

Today is my mom's birthday... I think she's turning 25 (haha). I made her a set of floral cards out of some of the coolest scrap paper I've seen. The base of the cards is a light pink and white. The dark patterned paper is from an old (well, actually I don't know how old it is) Nieman Marcus catalog! I love the texture and the pattern.

The set has six cards, four designs, in three sizes. The first design is a small notecard size with a single flower. I used 2 small circles, a star, and a swirl punch. You can kind of get an idea from the picture on the left.

Square cards are fun to make. I don't know why, they just are. I made two of them, each has a different design. For the first, I used the small retro flower punch. The second has a little more of a "chunky" look to it with the thicker stems and the large retro flower.

Lastly, a set of two 4.5" x 6" greeting cards. For the flowers on this one, I used a circle punched out of the top of a heart with a swirl punch peeking out from behind. Double-punched circles make the moon-shaped leaves.

I hope you like pictures, cuz I've got one more...

To finish it off, I made a paper band with a "Happy Birthday" message and a little flower. I like it :-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coming Soon to Etsy...

I haven't listed anything new on Etsy in a while. I've been trying to build up some sort of stock. One thing I need to do is come up with a better listing schedule so that my shop doesn't get buried at the bottom of the search results... I need to streamline-- is that the word I want? Anyway, here are a couple of the things I've been working on that I'd like to get listed eventually:

Just in time for Spring/Easter. I figure if my shop name is "Angel Bunny" I ought to have something with bunnies, right?

Hehe. I like these. A while back I made a set of greeting cards with a larger version of these birds in a bright blue and I loved them :-) Just trying another variation-- these are small note cards.

Teeny Tiny

Yesterday I spent the afternoon helping my mom with a project for her Apples of Gold ladies' group. She finally took a break to make lunch, and while she was gone, Gina Marie and I played with some scraps left on the table.

Gina Marie created the little paper flower by intersecting two green hearts for the leaves/base, then glued on a punched flower (Paper Shapers), and used a 1/8" hole punch for the center.

I made the little box... it's only about 1" square. At the last minute I decided to add the teen-tiny lady bug (we used the 1/8" punch again) on a little piece of wire.

I just thought it was cute. It's not big enough to keep anything in, so I don't know what we'll ever do with it, but there it is. Haha.