Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Like Saturdays :-)

Hooray for the weekend :-) Today has been exactly what a Saturday should be. Didn't have to be anywhere or do anything in particular-- just hung out at my craft table.

This first card is for yesterday's challenge at 365 Cards. We're scraplifting Sophie's style which Pam described as "clean and simple." I can do that! Haha. For my take on Sophie's card, I used her layout. I LOVE kraft paper! I almost never use it because I never have any around, but I made an impromptu trip to Archiver's last night and finally remembered to pick some up! Anyway, here's my card:

This next one is for Day 364, and we're scraplifting Vicky's style! "Soft colors and clean lines" were the themes for this challenge. I loved how Vicky created her own background for her card with stamps and ribbon. I paper pieced the background papers for my card. I also popped the flower up for some dimension.

Now I'm off to do the only thing on my schedule for today-- Babysit Hang out with my cousins :-)

**Almost forgot! A few of you asked about the dress card from Thursday's post-- The skirt is just pleated paper. I folded the paper and then trimmed it, but I was playing around with it again this afternoon and it's easier if you start with a half-circle piece of paper. A lot less paper gets wasted! I cut the bodice freehand, then finished it off with a piece of ribbon around the waist.**

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Spring, PLEASE Come. Now.

I can't wait until spring... It's so bright and sunny outside right now, but it's still 33 degrees! I work at a preschool and I'm getting tired of cabin-fevered children. Haha.

I have two projects to share with you today! The first is for 365 Cards' Day 362 Challenge. This time we're scraplifting Amy's style... "fun, bright, and whimsical." The first thing I noticed about Amy's original card was the awesome combination of colors and patterns. For my card, I scraplifted the scalloped circle shape and I used patterned paper. I loved the pinwheel, so I tried to mimic that by folding the flower.

Hang on... I have glue or something on my glasses...

Okay, all better :-) My second card is one that I made for a friend of my mom. I've seen cards like this, but I've never tried to make one. I love how it turned out.

Let me know what ya think! Have a great day!

Big Thank You

Hello, fellow craftomaniacs :-) Tonight was fun... got to hang out with some friends from church at good ol' Applebees, then headed downtown to hear a friend play. It was pretty fantastic. He's fun to watch... you should check him out.

Today's card is for the Day 361 challenge at 365 Cards. Our inspiration for the day is Kristie. I always love her work. Clean lines and simple elegance. I tried to keep this "modern" looking with the patterned paper. I liked the framed sentiment on Kristie's original card, so I scraplifted that for my project. After the fact, I think I would've liked the "Thanks" to be a little smaller, but it works.

As always, thanks for looking! I love reading your comments :-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bold and Beautiful

Okay, this post is gonna be a quickie... I've gotta leave for work in about 20 minutes, and I'm trying to eat lunch as I type this.

Today's card is for the second scraplift challenge at 365 Cards. The challenge was to mimic Audrey's signature style, which is "fresh, bold, and vibrant."

Monday, February 22, 2010

I Have A Purple Foot

Greetings fair people of Card Land! It's been far too long since I've done one of the challenges at 365 Cards. I really missed it! They're about to wrap up the year and I wanted to be a part of this last week. These next two cards are for Day 358 and Day 359, respectively.

It took me a while to figure out how I was going to complete the sketch challenge. It wasn't that complicated, but the flow of inspiration was moving like sap through a tree in the wintertime. The paper clips were a bit out-of-the-box for me... And that's a good thing. lol. The papers are from the "Mi Casa" stack again. (If you didn't see my super cute baby cards from yesterday, you should check them out here.)

Next is the card from the scraplift challenge. This one was SOOOOO NOT easy!! But then, if they were easy, the be called "easy card ideas" not "challenges." Gloria's cards are always lovely, but I am just not good at that vintage look! I have to admit, I almost skipped this one... but I'm glad I didn't. This isn't my favorite card, but it's pretty and I like it. I tried to copy the layout of Gloria's original card.

OH! About the post title... I couldn't think of anything clever, so I went for plain ol' facts. My foot is all purple-y in places. I sat on my sister's collapsible piano bench and, well, it did just that. Collapse. On my foot. *sigh* Almost my entire body weight (which is more than... oh... let's say... enough to hurt. Reeeeeally bad) was pinning my ankle and foot between the seat and the frame. But it's okay now. It doesn't hurt, it just looks kinda gross. Which is why I won't be posting photos :-) Thanks for looking at my cards though! Hehe.

Oh Baby...

Today I worked on some more baby cards--this time for boys.

I LOVE the ZooBalloo cartridge! There are so many fun animals! (Some weird ones too... "N" is for... narwhal? Oooookay.)

The zebra card is my favorite... it's a little busier than my usual style, but I like it way much. I guess the giraffe card could be for a girl or a boy. All of the patterned paper is from the "Mi Casa" stack by DCWV. Some of the paper even has little sparklies on it... but not so much as to make it girly.

Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think ;-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting Back Into the Groove

Oh my goodness... I have GOT to get back into this! I somehow managed to completely desert my craft table for two months straight, it seems. I've made a couple of things, but I'll just skip to the most recent stuff.

My grandma celebrated her 80th birthday in January. Below are the wine-themed place cards I made for the dinner table.

Her birthday card:

I'm excited about the baby and wedding cards that I'll be making over the next couple of months or so! Here's the first baby card that I made tonight.

It's not too complicated, but it took me FOR-EV-ER to figure out how I wanted to start! It could be that I just have so many new toys, I'm not sure what to play with first. Haha. I'm really enjoying the Cricut machine for sure!