Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Playing "Catch-up"

Good morning (almost afternoon) everyone!

This last week has been interesting. Mom and the little sister get home in a few hours! It'll be nice to have them back... I guess ;-) (They both read this sometimes.)

Last night and this morning I've been playing catch-up with 365 Cards' challenges. Normally I probably wouldn't do that, but I had ideas for all of them and I couldn't let them go to waste!!

So here's what I did...

Day #93: Call Me

This one isn't necessarily my favorite, but I like the photo. It's actually a picture of my great-grandmother. Not sure about when it was taken, but I know it's OLD.

Day #94: Ad Inspired

LOVE these colors! The stamps are Stampin Up! from the "Mostly Flowers" and "Sincere Salutations" sets.


fabricbutterfly said...

I love both of these cards, your ad inspired one is lovely as is the "call me", great job.

Gloria Stengel said...

I love the photo in the Call Me card. You need to make copies and sell grandma! LOL She's perfect!

You did a fantastic job on the Ad card too!

~amy~ said...

gorgeous catch up...fab cards!!