Friday, September 24, 2010

Taking Care of Business

Hello, dear Blogger-friends!  I hope that this has been a pleasant, peaceful week for you. I, for one, am glad that the weekend is here.  It's been yet another busy week at school, followed up by a few hours of watching the kiddos at church tonight.

Yesterday, Pam's challenge for us was to create a business card!  The idea is to create a card with your information that you can pass along, but rather than your typical card, this can be a little more personalized by actually creating a small sample of the work that you do.  To give you all an idea of what we're talking about, this is what I came up with:

I kept the info to a minimum on this one.  Right now, my blog is the main place where I send people who want to see what I do.  I'd love to see what you would do with this challenge-- make sure to hop on over to the 365 Cards blog and play along!!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Rose said...

girl this is so CUTE!!! i love how you have the sweet bear holding your info :) mine just didn't work out the same so had to "adjust" it! LOL

Gloria Stengel said...

This is so stinkin' adorable. I'd love to have fun business cards....perhaps I'll get inspired to make them now!

Pam said...

That is soooo cute!!!!

Sharanda said...

I love this, Hannah! SO cute!!

Shell said...

love your designs... TFS

Sharon said...

I'm thinking this would make a great gift for your Aunt Sharon & Uncle Bob, (not your cards but a design for us including Elmo).