Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Boy

Ah! I was gonna sit down and post something this weekend, but boy oh boy! It got busy fast. I didn't get around to doing any blog challenges this past week, but I'll show you what I did work on. My little cousin "Eef" turned 8 years old this past Thursday. We celebrated on Friday night with all the family. He's quite the little character and I know he'll do great things one day-- I fully expect him to be one of two things: 1) NFL Quarterback or 2)Late night comedic talk show host. Although, recently he's expressed and interest in becoming my mom's "clown assistant." Oi.

Here's the card I made for him:

It's not very complicated, but I had fun distressing the edges with a nail file. This cardstock has a great texture, but it has a white core so it always looks a little funny to me with a clean edge. I adhered the "8" with foam tape to make it pop a little bit.

My mom usually does the honors as far as writing in the cards, but this time she asked me what she should write. She jokingly started with "Roses are red..." and then I, JOKINGLY, finished with "Gas makes you farty/You're turning 8/So let's have a party." Would you believe she actually put that in there!!??!! LOL. And now you've got a little taste of my goofy family.

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fabricbutterfly said...

Wonderful card, for a very adorable boy, great job.