Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keeping It Real... simple

Today's card isn't very pizazzimous (Yes, it's a word-- I just made it up.), but I always love the black/red/white color scheme. It just looks so elegant. The challenge at 365 Cards was to incorporate a knot into the design...

Voila. A knot. I almost like it better than bows. They're also easier to tie than bows. Haha.

Also, just throwing this out there... if any of you are in the St. Louis-ish area, you might wanna check this out. It's a production that my church has put on for the last several years. It just gets bigger and better every time! Here's the promo video, and you can get more info HERE.

Drummer Boy '09 from DrummerBoy on Vimeo.

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CraftBelle said...

Great card. I agree - knots are definitely easier to tie than bows! ;-)