Thursday, November 26, 2009

Let's Face It

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm laying on my bed with my little sister, editing pictures and writing blog posts... What better time to do that than 2 a.m.?

My big project tonight was making place cards for dinner at Grandma's house tomorrow. She asked me to make a couple extras of the ones I made last time, but I forgot what they look like and I forgot to look at them when I was over there this afternoon. SO... the only logical thing to do was to make all new ones :-D

Once I got all of those finished, I had enough energy and creative juice to put together a card for today's (well, technically yesterdays... but I haven't been to sleep yet, so it's still "today") challenge at 365 Cards. I've been waiting for a reason to use this sentiment stamp...

What a great encouragement as we set out to indulge in an abundance of tasty goodness! Just laugh it off, people! Laugh it off. And speaking of tasty treats...

I was making a cheese ball this afternoon (which turned out just lovely, by the way) and I was playing around and made this little dude:

For size reference, those are just sliced almonds. He's not very big, but I thought it was funny and I was proud of myself. Lol. And finally, I would like you to meet "Georgiano" and "Chuck." 18.95 lbs and 18.65 lbs, respectively.

It's probably a little morbid to name your Thanksgiving dinner, but we did it anyway. They're already in the oven! My favorite part of thanksgiving is waking up in the morning and smelling that AMAZING aroma of turkey and spices and herbs. YUMMMMMM!! It's gonna be so awesome.

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Sally McD said...

Great cards and what a cute couple in the oven! I heard St. Louis will see some showers mixed with snow today...I'm about 60 miles south of you in Farmington. Of course remember the saying about the weather here, "Stand still for 5 minutes and it will change". Have a great Turkey Day!