Thursday, January 20, 2011


Happy Thursday, everyone!  I'll be celebrating with a snow day.  It started falling last night, and this morning I woke up to this:
My sister, attempting to clean off the cars... I'm not sure why.  I don't plan on going ANYWHERE today.
The patio furniture in the backyard is a pretty good indicator of how much snow actually fell...
I will be spending the rest of my day nice and warm inside the house. Lol.

But anyway, back to business...
The card I have to share with you today is for "Inspiration Week" at 365 Cards.  The word I picked for today is "Peace." This word means a lot to me right now.  It seems these last couple of months have been a little crazy.  Lots of family stuff, ridiculous stuff at work, but I feel like I've been able to maintain at least some peace in the middle of it all.  It'd like to think I'm not a person who's not easily stressed out, but I guess we all have our moments. :-) I came across this quote sort of by accident, while I was googling something else.  But I think it's absolutely perfect for today's word.

This card is made from a hodgepodge of scraps: some lace, wallpaper, a wedding invitation and the last scrap of some shimmery cardstock I've been trying to use up.  I think it's fun to make cards that way... except that it's very unlikely that it will ever be duplicated!  I guess we'll have to go for variations on a theme ;-)

Now it's your turn!  Head on over to the 365 Cards blog to check out the other words of inspiration from this week and maybe pick a few (or all of them!) to play along with.

Since I began this post, I've been informed by my sisters that I will NOT be allowed to stay inside today.  I guess I should go find something warm to wear.... ughhhh... ;-)


Rose said...

your card is stunning!!

your sister is crazy! i think you should stay inside all day and craft :) that is a lot of cold white stuff!!!

Eileen said...

Gorgeous -- love the monochromatic look of this. Also loving the embellishment on the butterfly. And stay inside!

Sharanda said...

Wow, what a LOT of snow!!

Your card is so beautiful and peaceful!! Well done! :)

Alicia said...

What a beautiful and elegant card...and oh so much snow! Wow! It is 40 degrees celsius plus over here in Australia. We are sweltering!
Alicia xx