Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life Happens :-)

Dang it.  I wasn't able to get these done before Sunday night, but I'm still going for completing the whole month again, so here they are-- my cards for the second half of last week's challenges at 365 Cards.

Thursday was the end of Easter break at the school where I work, Saturday I photographed a wedding (gaahhh! stress!!!), all on top of trying to spend as much time as possible with my brother before he flew back to San Diego.  Although somehow in the middle of that, I did manage to squeak in a late trip to Target on the way home from work for a sheet of rub-ons for Day 39-Totally Transferred. There were literally only two sheets of rub-ons in that whole store, so I picked this one because of the colors and the variety of sentiments.  I decided to keep the design really simple and just focus on the colors.

The challenge for Friday was, ironically, a little bit easier.  For Day 40-Friday Five, we had to use five colors, five patterned papers, five blossoms, five buttons and five stamps.  Find five stamps that worked together was the hardest part for me, so I ended up just stamping individual letters. On one of my recent trips to Archivers I picked up a package of these buttons which ended up working out great with the colors I picked for the paper.

The Day 41-DIY Glittered Blossoms challenge was yet another difficult challenge for me.  I don't generally use that kind of stuff.  I've said before that glitter isn't one of my favorite things, but it keeps showing up on my cards (AND in my hair, and the carpet, and my clothes.... and in my family's hair, clothes, etc. LOL).  This is another super simple design, but the textures are flippin' awesome!

That shimmery background paper is from a stash that I've had forever.  I don't even remember why I bought it, or what I thought I was gonna do with it. Haha.  I made the flower from an old gift bow that was smooshed beyond being able to use it again, so I cut rough circles from it and then melted the edges over a candle to make them curl.  I mixed some super-fine glitter into some Diamond glaze and then used a toothpick to put it on the edges of the flower. Silver leaves and a rhinestone in the center finished it off.  (I make this sound easy, but I probably burned and over-melted about 12 circles before I got these to turn out the way I wanted.)

Speaking of glitter, this would probably be an excellent time to share with you this story from the other day... My mom and I were making place cards for her women's group at church.  They were going to be very simple with just a single digi-image (this one) and a name.  For just a bit of extra "something" we decided to add some glitter to the butterfly.  Now, the glitter I have comes in one of those stacked containers, like this:

We were using the silver one-- at the very top.  Now, it seems a little risky to leave them all stacked like that while in use, but we were being careful and we finished all of the cards without any problem.  It wasn't until we started cleaning up that this happened:

OOOHHHHH, man. LOL.  Thankfully, it's a pretty small container.  However, the entire contents of that container was all over my craft table.  Also, I'm not going to point any fingers, but I'll let you figure out "who done it" by the direction of the spillage. Haha.  It's okay mom.  I still love you.

I saw, somewhere, a t-shirt that said "Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies."  'Tis true.  We got it all cleaned up for the most part, but we went to visit some family that night and my mom still had it on her face. And you can still rub your hand on my table and come up with sparkly fingers. Haha.

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Hopefully I'll be posting some more stuff tonight or tomorrow ;-)

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MommyV said...

LOVE the cards! Yay, the buttons! And I agree about glitter -- it NEVER comes off! :-)