Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

This has been such a crazy day. A loooong, crazy day. Working with kids makes you wanna pull your hair out is such a blessing and joy. :-) Thank the Lord for the weekend. I'm also SUPER excited because my brother will be flying in from San Diego tomorrow! I know we'll be busy spending time with him, but I'm hoping I can still get my challenge cards in... you know, priorities... 1) brother/family, 2) card-making, 3) eating... etc. ;-)

I've got two cards to share with you today. Numero uno is for 365 Cards' challenge for Day 25- Do It Yourself. The challenge was to create our own glittered brads or pearls. I used brads... er, brad. As in, one of them. Haha. I put a light coat of tacky glue on the brad, then rolled it in some super fine glitter. I really don't like it when you pick up a glittery item and the stuff rubs off on you, so once the glue dried, I added a coat of Diamond Glaze. This made it nice and smooth. Me likey.

I don't know if I'm totally sold on the "Mom" part. It's not tacked down very well in case I change my mind :-) And there's my shiny bling in the middle of that flower. It's made from a few pieces on the Cricut as well as a little rose-ish flower, like the ones I used on this project.

Numero dos is for Day 26-Card Recipe challenge. This one was a little harder for me. I really kept wanting to stick one more thing on there. But I refrained. So here's my (5"x5") card, with 2 squares (the patterned paper, framed with brown), 3 circles (all stacked up in the middle) and ribbon (I won't insult your intelligence by pointing out where that is).

OMG! I just realized what time it is... I have to be up early to take my sis to an audtion. Blegh. Okay, well, I'm off to bed I suppose. Thanks for looking! Enjoy your weekend :-)


Anonymous said...

I always love your card.. that is just something grand about it.. the ribbons, lace.. lovely..

TesaB said...

Two new stunning creations! Love them both!!! Love that ruffled lace and color schem on the first one. So crisp yet romantic.

Kajikit said...

Your recipe card is very elegant! I like how simple your design is... love that flower on the top card.

The Bijeau Family said...

Both cards are just stunning...I've come to expect that, but somehow you still seem to surprise me with your creativity. I love that your cards are crisp and clean, but always beautiful! I sepecially like the "mom" has inspired me to try to make a card with lace. TFS! :)

w said...

i like your cards... and i'm sold on the "mom" card.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job on both cards, I love the recipe card, and I think the MOM is great, thanks for the tip about the diamond glaze!!!